Over the years, having ridden and trained many of the light horse breeds, both American and European, I have come to value, above all others, the unique qualities of Andalusian and Lusitano horses for dressage. The horse of the Iberian penninsula has been selectively bred for many centuries, back to Roman times, for its courage, intelligence, loyalty, beauty, hardiness, suppleness, athletic ability for the collected movements, and overall rideability. Considered for almost three centuries the preferred mount of Kings and nobility, this breed was at one time almost unimaginably expensive, a true treasure of highest value during the golden age of La Gueriniere, Pluvinel, and the Duke of Newcastle.

Today, the Andalusian is rapidly regaining its former glory as a dressage mount, after almost being lost to humanity during the dark days of the invasion of Spain by Napoleon, who stole hundreds of thousands of Spanish horses for his armies, and also during the equally dark time of the Spanish Civil War against France. If you would like to learn more about the Iberian horse, click on the links to breed farms and associations.

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