Classical Legacy offers individual hourly lessons on your horse or our schoolmasters, which are trained in the lateral movements, canter flying changes, piaf and passage. All levels of rider are welcome, and we have a lively youth program with outstanding show results. For those who want to show, we teach all aspects of that process, in a supportive team atmosphere. But, while showing can provide a valuable means of setting and achieving goals, we do not believe it to be crucial to the development of the horse/rider relationship.

We actively promote the Andalusian horse, and attend the Andalusian National Show every year in October, which is a huge diversion from the rigors of the dressage world. We believe that classical dressage is the foundation for all training, and use it as the basis for jumping and rail classes too.
A favorite pastime of Frances' is Doma Vaquera riding, including the art of the Garrocha.

All breeds of horses are welcome at Classical Legacy, and indeed we have Andalusians, Arab crosses, TB's, Dutch, Trakehners, Friesians and Friesian crosses presently in the program. We do not limit ourselves to the movements of the dressage tests, but also ride the Exhibition movements such as Spanish Walk and Inverted Pirouette, and enjoy a weekly Quadrille for the fun and discipline it provides. Music plays an important part in the daily routine, and we teach the lost arts of ground training and long lining. I believe that every horse and every rider can ride SOME aspect of the upper levels, even if not every one is athletic enough to perform the entire Grand Tour.

Frances welcomes horses for advanced training, and can recommend competent trainers for the breaking-in of youngsters.
Contact Frances about pricing of training, instruction and clinics.