My search for the horse of my dreams took five years and two trips to Spain. With the help of the Vale family, I found him at Don Louis Calderon's barn in Osuna, Spain, the heart of Andalucia. He was bred by Jesus Ballisteros Morcillo, and his blood combines the best of Carthusian and Military lines.

Fino's amazing talent and classic Spanish beauty have captivated everyone who meets him. Year after year he has continued to grow in charisma and in ability, but it is his wise, loyal, sensitive, courageous temperament, coupled with an unfailing enthusiasm for work, that make him so unique. Fino is, first and foremost, a GENTLEMAN. He is unhesitatingly forward thinking, and gives himself 100%. He is never aggressive, and is so kind that he is turned out every day with a gelding buddy.. He has his opinions, as any stallion will, asserted with an unassailable dignity (Sometimes he INSISTS on having his tongue tickled, and MUST go “walkabout” around every show ground!) He is outgoing and friendly to all, but reserves his love for Frances, a bond which is obvious to all who watch them, at home or at shows.

Fino passes on his beauty, wonderful bone, incredible mind, and that huge extended trot to his children. He has been bred on a very limited basis to date, and his first youngsters are just now reaching the show ring. Fino's first partbred daughter, owned by Sandi and Randy Floyd, captured the Champion Half Andalusian Mare title in a large class at the Rocky Mountain Iberian Horse Club Show in September 2008 as a two year old. He crosses exceptionally well on Warmblood and QH mares.

For those breeders contemplating AI, Fino's semen quality is very high, ranging between 75 and 90% progressive motility, and ships very well. We can arrange collection with 24 hour notice, and ship FedEx next day delivery.
Fino is one of the most decorated PRE (Revised) Andalusian stallions in the US. His accomplishments are real, at the FEI levels of Dressage and earned in Open competition, not just at Training Level or in Dressage Suitability. If you want a solid performer or a lifelong friend, this horse's genetics will deliver.

Esteban B, the Sentimental Stallion

Esteban B began his life in 1999 in New Zealand! Imported to the wilds of Wyoming as a yearling by Gari Epp, Esteban began his breeding career at the young age of two, so he has lots of offspring to his credit. Mr. Epp sent him to me for training in July, 2006, and he promptly qualified for IALHA Nationals in October, where he captured the Training Level Dressage Championship with a 69.23%. The next year, in a wonderful display of his versatility, he captured the IALHA National Championship in Doma Vaquera Basico.

I found I simply could not part with this most tender-hearted fellow, and decided to make him a permanent part of my life. Esteban possesses three huge gaits, solid natural cadence, and a wonderfully supple body, ideal for a riding horse. FEI Dressage Judge Janet Brown Foy rated him an “8” for gaits at a dressage symposium in 2007. Esteban has the gentlest of temperaments: he would rather die than offend.

Sidelined in spring 2007 by a mysterious illness which was nearly fatal, he recovered enough to return to the show ring in Sept. 2008 to win the Western Pleasure Open, the Hunt Seat Open, the Dressage Hack Amateur (with a 15 year old rider), and the Native Tack and Attire at he RMIHC Fall Show. We look forward to showing him at Third Level Dressage in 2009.

Esteban is dark mahogany bay with no white, 16.1 hands. He is Pure Spanish, double bred on the legendary Military stallion Maluso. A Cadillac to sit, he has a short, supple back, uphill conformation, and exceptionally well-engaged hindquarters. Lateral movements are very easy for him, as are flying changes. He possesses exceptionally mobile ears, which telegraph his every thought and mood, and charm everyone who stops at his stall to visit him.

Esteban been crossed on all sorts of mares, from Draft to Andalusian, and throws his best qualities, especially size and temperament, time after time. He often out-produces himself: his young purebred son, Dejado Habano, was IALHA Regional Champ Halter Junior Stallion in 2007, his part-bred son Panzer was 2006 IALHA Regional Champ. H/A Gelding, and his purebred daughter, La Chile Guapo, RMIHC Reserve Champion Halter Mare in 2008. His semen is of excellent quality, usually exceeding 80% progressive motility, and ships well. Semen can be ordered on 24 hour notice, and we ship FedEx next day delivery.